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Important Notice: Dear OBB customers, due to our system upgrade, the website will stop placing orders on January 26, 2022. You can still consult the customer service of the website for your orders.

The Benefits of OriginalBabyBrands

Officially endorsed by Leading Brands

In order to meet China's growing demand for quality European brands, OriginalBabybrands.com works directly with brands like Nutricia, Mead Johnson, Nestle, Hyproca Ausnutria, and others. To form a one-stop service, usually within 6-10 working days (after delivery from the warehouse in the Netherlands) to China to provide worry-free original products.

OriginalBabybrands.com sells products that are officially authorized by the brand owner. All products are sourced directly from the original manufacturer or their designated reseller, so we can provide an unlimited supply so you don't have to worry about being out of stock. By working closely with brands, we also ensure that we are provided with the freshest, longest shelf life products.

All products you purchase from OriginalBabybrands.com have a best by date date. As the products are sent by direct mail, the time from production to delivery can be minimized. In this way, the storage of excess products can be avoided and the freshness of products can be ensured as much as possible. Please refer to the product page for the minimum expiry date of each product when you place your order.


Click to see the brand's authorization letter to OriginalBabyBrands.com


With the rear secure

All OriginalBabybrands.com products are 100% compliant with Chinese customs regulations, all of our commercial parcels have been cleared in advance, and the order amount includes all relevant taxes and shipping charges. Note: We will not collect customs duties during the checkout process. However, there is a risk that the recipient will be charged customs duties by China Customs.

Our reliable logistics provider PostNL and its partner China Post EMS in China can ensure that your order normally arrives in China within 6-10 working days (after shipment from the Dutch warehouse).


Full traceability and control during processing & shipping

We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your order and deliver the package to the Courier company. The shipping email will include order tracking information related to your order. You can check the status of your order on the 'My Account' page.

Click to learn more about package tracking (https://www.originalbabybrands.com/zh/content/32-track-and-trace)and see the package tracking page with detailed steps.


Only for buyers in the European Union

OriginalBabybrands.com is a reliable and exclusive online shopping service for EU residents to help their relatives and friends in China buy authentic products. OriginalBabybrands.com is only available to buyers in Europe and our website will not be accessible to Chinese consumers.

We will not sell products directly to Chinese users

This means:

We will not compete with you and will not use your customer information other than to process your order. Your customer information will remain confidential at all times and will never be used by us or anyone else for commercial purposes. OriginalBabybrands.com is not accessible from China. Visitors from China will see a special page, Authenticity Checker, which contains a basic explanation of the OriginalBabybrands.com concept and allows you to look up the best by date for the product contained in each order we ship on your behalf. So you can be sure that the products you receive are original and in top condition. However, if you choose to share this page with Chinese consumers, Chinese recipients can also use Authenticity Checker that we co-developed with Nutricia on this page.

Package recipients can also use Authenticity Checker on this page to see the Authenticity of their order. Buyers of OriginalBabybrands.com can decide if they want to share this link with the consignee.

We never communicate directly with the recipient of the package. We only communicate with you, real non - trace hair generation.

Reciphents in China will not see any information from OriginalBabybrands.com. No OriginalBabybrands.com logo or information will be found on the package or on the documentation. There will be no receipt with the package.

The package will not include a receipt with order information, indicating that there will not be any price information.

We sell goods are directly from the brand manufacturers and authorized dealers. Also, OriginalBabybrands.com developed Authenticity Checker. However, recipients are only queried if you decide to share the link with them.


Only One Order in a Week

The number of products supported by the OriginalBabybrands.com order is shown on the page. However, each recipient (based on ID number) can only place the product once ina week (a week refers to the 7 days from the time of placing the order). If someone else has already purchased the product for the same recipient in OriginalBabybrands.com in the same week, your order will be suspended by the system. Please contact the customer service at that time. However, you can send an unlimited number of orders per week to your friends and family in accordance with the delivery quantity stipulated by the platform. The quantity limit is based on the ID number entered at the time of checkout.


Solid and robust packaging

In order to prevent the products from being damaged in transit, we specially choose strong and reliable packing for transportation. Our inner packing is made of protective materials, and the 360° protective products are tightly sewn. This packaging ensures that the product is delivered to the end user in good condition.


Chinese payment available

We have a wide choice of payment terms. You can even choose to use common Chinese payment methods, such as Alipay and WeChat. This is because we want to provide you with a better shopping experience and save you as much time and energy as possible in handling money transfers with friends and relatives.