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Important Notice: Dear OBB customers, due to our system upgrade, the website will stop placing orders on January 26, 2022. You can still consult the customer service of the website for your orders.

Ordering Tutorial

1. Go to OriginalBabyBrands.com, choose the preferred language and currency on the top right corner of the Homepage.

2. In the account creation page, you can log in with your own social platform account, such as Facebook,Twitter, etc., or you can register with your own email. You can check "Subscribe to Newsletter" for timely access to platform information. Enter the corresponding information, as shown in the picture, and then click "Submit".


3. In the Account page, you can create an account by registration with one of your social media accounts. Click on one of the social media logos, such as FaceBook or Twitter and login. You can also create an account with your email address. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletters. Enter the correct information in the corresponding fields and click 'Submit' when it is done.

4. When you click on any product on the Homepage you will be forwarded to the Product page.



5. You can choose to view the product image and package information for the front, back, left and right side of the product. Click on the small thumb image on the left side. The cursor will turn into a magnifier automatically once you move the cursor to the big image. Moving around the cursor on the product image to read the product description. All the information is writher in English or Chinese, depending on the web shop language you chose.

6. At the lower part of the page, you can check the detailed product information, ingredients, average nutrition values, preparation instructions and reviews.

Detail description

7. After checking the product information, you can go back to the top part of the product page by clicking the arrow or simply scrolling up.

8.  After choosing the correct amount of products, you can click 'Add to Cart'.

Ordering number

9.  You can look into your shopping cart by simply click the shopping bag icon on the top right corner.  click 'View Shopping Cart'.


viewing shopping chart


10. In the shopping cart page, you can edit your ordering product and use our coupon code if you have obtained any. If you want to redeem a coupon code, enter the correct coupon code in the box below ‘Vouchers’ on the left side.

11. After entering the correct coupon code, please click 'Apply Coupon'.

12. If you have successfully redeemed the coupon, you can see the discounted amount in the page. If the amount is correct, please click 'Next’.

check out


13. You will arrive at the Address page. Note: please fill in the correct receiver's address and phone number who is located in China, in order to make sure the parcel will be delivered to the right person. Telephone and Mobile phone can be the same, but has to be a Chinese phone number. After it's done, please click 'Save'.

deliver address

14. The next step is Billing Address information. You need to fill in the billing information. Note: Telephone and Mobile phone can be the same. After it is done, click 'Next'

billing address


15.Click "Next" and you will be redirect to "Delivery". Please check the "Agreed Terms of Service" box and fill in the correct ID number.


16. You will be able to choose a preferred payment method. 

17. After choosing your payment method, please wait patiently. You will be redirected to the payment page. You can complete the payment on that page after checking the total order amount.

18. After you have successfully paid, you will see our confirmation with your order. This order number can be used as a reference if there is any problem with the order.

19.  If you have any problem during the ordering process, you are always welcome to chat with our customer service online by clicking the chat window at the left bottom of each page. 


20. After successfully placing the order, if you want to manage your account, or track your orders, you can click the ’Account’ to arrive at your dashboard.

My account