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Hipp Bio 2 (DE) (1 Doos van 800 gr)

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About Hipp Bio 2 (DE) (1 Doos van 800 gr)

Product introduction
Hipp Organic Baby Formula 2 is certified by the European Union as natural and organic, free of sucrose, artificial additives, preservatives and other nutrients. Concentration close to breast milk, easy to digest. Strictly control organic milk and organic nutrients. Contains LCP unsaturated fatty acids similar to breast milk, which promote brain and nerve development, and does not contain gluten (wheat amyloid), which may cause allergies in babies. Hipp organic infant formula 2 segment added easy-to-digest starch on top of the PRE segment, and the content of each component was also increased.
○ Capacity: 600g
○ Brand: HIPP
○ Origin: Germany

Product features
○ It has the same nutritional and immune components as breast milk.
○ Omega-3s are good for brain and nervous system development
○ Iron derived from organic milk
○ Only add natural lactose, and breast milk ingredients, do not contain sucrose, easy to digest;
○ Starch, enhance the baby's satiety
Functions overview
○GOS: prebiotic dietary fiber, an important fiber in breast milk;
● Omega-3 fatty acids: One of the most important nutrients in the body, but they are not synthesized by the body itself and must be obtained from food.
○ Lactose: A carbohydrate found in breast milk that gives babies energy and increases appetite.
○ Iron: an important component of the blood, helping to transport oxygen;
○ Vitamin E: Helps build all kinds of cells.
Applicable people
Suitable for babies over 6 months.

Method of use
○ Boil the water needed for brewing and cool to about 50°C;
According to the different age of the baby, according to the simple 2/3 of the hot water into the bottle;
○ Take out the measuring spoon in the package and put the appropriate milk powder into the bottle according to the recommended dosage table;
○ Cover the bottle cap vigorously shake;
○ Pour the remaining 1/3 warm water into the bottle;
○ Drop milk on the back of the hand to test the temperature at 37°C.

Matters needing attention
○ Remember not to use scalding water to make milk powder, which will destroy the nutrition contained in milk powder;
○ When making milk powder, avoid shaking the bottle up and down. It should be shaken horizontally in a circle to avoid foaming milk.
○ Make good milk to eat in time, the rest of the milk can not be fed to the baby;
○ Many of the beneficial ingredients of HIPP are synthesized in the baby's body, so it can be stored for a long time after opening, but it is still recommended to use up within a month as far as possible, every time after taking out the milk powder should be immediately sealed, stored at room temperature, avoid humidity, high temperature and direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions:
○ The color of milk powder is not the same: different batches or batches of milk powder, but because of the different seasons of raw materials, the temperature at the time of manufacturing, plus the amount of ingredients or the size of particles, will affect the color of milk powder. It is normal.

○ There are pellets in the bottle after milk powder brewing: the pellets are the insoluble prebiotics (commonly known as dietary fiber) to help the beneficial growth of the intestinal tract, inhibit harmful bacteria, and have a preventive effect on diarrhea caused by infection. As overseas original milk powder does not contain additives and is produced in a natural state, the active degree of dietary fiber particles in milk powder is different. Therefore, this is a normal situation. If the water temperature is appropriately raised, the situation will be improved.

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Hipp Bio 2 (DE) (1 Doos van 800 gr)