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Hipp Combiotik 3 (DE) (1 Doos van 600 gr)

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About Hipp Combiotik 3 (DE) (1 Doos van 600 gr)

Product introduction:

Specially added probiotics provide the nutrients your baby needs to help maintain a healthy gut and build a healthy immune system

Main ingredients and efficacy:

GOS: Adding probiotics galactose-oligosaccharides GOS can maintain intestinal pH value, effectively promote the growth of probiotics, and reduce diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Balanced nutrition: provide balanced nutrition elements for the growth of the baby at all stages, reduce the burden of excessive nutrition on the body

LCP: Add long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and provide omega-3 from canola oil

Lactose: A carbohydrate found in breast milk that provides energy and appetite for babies.

Suitable for:

Babies aged 10-12 months

Brewing method:

○ Cool the freshly boiled water to about 40-50℃;

○ 2/3 of the hot water needed to pour into the bottle;

○ Pour the measured milk powder into the bottle;

○ Cover the bottle tightly, shake horizontally many times;

○ Add the remaining 1/3 of the hot water, shake well again;

○ Test the temperature of milk (about 37℃ or so).

Frequently Asked Questions:
○ The color of milk powder is not the same: different batches or batches of milk powder, but because of the different seasons of raw materials, the temperature at the time of manufacturing, plus the amount of ingredients or the size of particles, will affect the color of milk powder. It is normal.

○ There are pellets in the bottle after milk powder brewing: the pellets are the insoluble prebiotics (commonly known as dietary fiber) to help the beneficial growth of the intestinal tract, inhibit harmful bacteria, and have a preventive effect on diarrhea caused by infection. As overseas original milk powder does not contain additives and is produced in a natural state, the active degree of dietary fiber particles in milk powder is different. Therefore, this is a normal situation. If the water temperature is appropriately raised, the situation will be improved.

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Hipp Combiotik 3 (DE) (1 Doos van 600 gr)