Warm tip:Please be noted that the order of milk powder products can only be placed under 6 cans.
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About Delivery & Fulfilment

OBB offers 2 shipment solutions: our own commercial route "OBB International" and PostNL (postal shipping). is proud to be officially endorsed by PostNL, the official postal company in the Netherlands, which ensures that the outbound route of all parcels from in The Netherlands are shipped through their trusted network. PostNL is commercial parcel solution and also ensures a solid and strong packaging, especially designed for (only for orders containing no other brands than Nutrilon).

PostNL’s end-to-end logistic solution allows for a quick and reliable door-to-door delivery for end-users in China. All parcels will be handled according to their optimal logistical solution. When your parcel arrives in China, it will be transferred to domestic carrier partners (SF Express and EMS) in China, with whom PostNL closely cooperates. OBB International is our own commercial route, at usually lower shipping fees but comparable transit times. We closely cooperate with Yunda International and China Post EMS and fly up to 6 times per week.




All packaging has a high standard of quality to protect your products:

  • Customized fulfillment material according to the size of the product, 360° all-round fixing the products

For 2 and 3 cans we use the fulfillment methods of High Quality Carton, which has been carefully considered and tested by PostNL, and it can provide solid protection for products. 

Content of the parcel

For each order, the packaging box contains:

1. The products you ordered.

Read more about the packaging.

No inserts in packaging

We NO LONGER put the Nutrilon brochure in the parcel, meaning that the receiver of your parcel in China will NOT receive this brochure. 

Please feel free to download the brochure (for free) and to share with the receiver of your parcel. You could also contact our customer service to obtain the Nutrilon brochure.

Delivery methods & options offers two delivery methods. OBB International delivery method allows buyers to only place orders of maximum 8 packs per week per Chinese receiver ID. However, you can ship to an unlimited number of friends and relatives.

1. OBB International

Our OBB International shipping solution is based on commercial parcel route with customs pre-clearance to warrant speedy delivery. For last mile we cooperate with Yunda International and China Post (EMS).

For OBB International we will charge a shipping fee based on the weight of the order. Be aware that product content (for example: 900g net product content) in all cases DOES NOT the (average) equal the shipping weight since it excludes the product packaging weight (for example: 1000g gross product weight) and the average weight of the packaging material.

2. PostNL Standard Service (EMS) 

With PostNL Standard Service (EMS) your parcel is sent by international postal network EMS, in China your parcel will be delivered by China Post EMS. To this end, PostNL and China Post collaborate closely. This delivery option does not require specific data exchange with China customs. Therefore the personal ID number of the receiver in China is not required and there is no need to pre-register the products with China customs. This makes for a very easy option. However when choosing this shipping option it could take longer for customs to release the parcel. 

Please be aware that with PostNL Standard Service (EMS), Chinese customs is sometimes able to ask the receiver to pay taxes upon the parcel's arrival. The receiver might be notified by SMS and is obliged to pay this tax to Chinese customs. Therefore, the parcel's release will take longer. 

For PostNL Standard Service (EMS) we will charge a shipping fee based on the weight of the order. Be aware that product content (for example: 900g net product content) in all cases DOES NOT the (average) equal the shipping weight since it excludes the product packaging weight (for example: 1000g gross product weight) and the average weight of the packaging material.

Overview of our shipping options

Track & Trace

All your orders can be tracked the personal account by you or your customer. 

You can easily find your track & trace numbers in “My Orders” in your profile page. Simply click on the Track & Trace link next to your order. You will be redirected to the relevant tracking page with the shipping number already pre-filled. Click the search button and check the shipment status.

Learn more about how to track and trace.


Authenticity Checker

In order to facilitate you with an extra proof of authenticity, we developed a tool named Authenticity CheckerHere, you can enter your postal code and order number, after which you will be given direct access to the specifics of your order and the corresponding expiration date of each product.

That way, you can always be sure that the products you ordered are authentic. The link to our Authenticity Checker will not be shared with the end user by us. But you can choose to share the link of Authenticity Checker with your customer to provide them with extra comfort feeling about the authenticity of the products you ordered for them.



Once your order is shipped, for food safety reasons we do not accept any requests for returns. Any order returned after shipping will be destroyed by, and no refunds will be paid. So please make sure you use correct shipping address and other necessary information (e.g. mobile number, personal ID etc.).

Of course, if your order arrives or contains products in an unacceptable state, we will compensate you for the damage. Your parcel is insured for the full order amount. Depending on the situation we will ask you to provide us with proof of the defect or to let you send the products for review to our returns office in China.

Our highly standardized logistics flow does NOT allow to re-route parcels after you placed your order. If your pacel has not been processed yet, our customer service team will do their best to help you cancel the order before shipment. However, as soon as your order has entered the fulfilment process we cannot cancel your order anymore. Please contact our customer service team in such a case.