About Packaging

Dear customer,

Please note that  Nutricia/PostNL Box is currently only available for 5/6 pieces bundle. We apologize for any inconvenience caused!


Each parcel contains: 

1. The Nutrilon products you ordered

2. Optional: A personal message from the buyer to the consumer, that can be enclosed without extra charges.

There will be no link or promotion material of OriginalBabyBrands.com on or in your parcel. There is also no invoice in the parcel with the order details. Which means no price information. Except for parcels using PostNL Standard Service (EMS), real value of the products will be shown on the shipping label due to requirements from China. There is no price information showing for the shipping method: PostNL Express  (SF).


Packaging Information:

The packaging consists of two parts:  outer packaging and customized inner packaging material.  The combination will provide solid protection for products:

OriginalBabyBrands.com uses three inner fulfillment methods at same time, which may differ according to the quantity of products per order.

  • EPS Packaging

- Customized EPS according to the size of the product, 360° all-round fixing the products.

- After placing all the products, the other half of EPS protective material will be placed above and will fully fit together with the EPS below (there are slots on the EPS which can be combined) to ensure the entire box are fixed.


  • High Quality Carton Packaging

Since EPS is not environmentally friendly, together with PostNL, we came up with a new format of packaging: high quality carton packaging.  And we have run many rounds of quality tests with PostNL which confirmed that our new packaging - specially made for Nutrilon milk powders - is very effective in protecting the products during its delivery.

- A layer of cartoon with pre-reserved spaces is used to fix the milk powder products in case of intense shaking during delivery.

- There is also a layer of carton among products to ensure appropriate distance.

- Besides this,another layer of high quality carton is placed on top of the products to assure there is enough buffer zone between the products and outer box.

Please check the example of the high-quality carton packaging for 6 packs (see image1). These images are taken from a proto, which was produced in the available quality carton. The real packaging is brown instead of white. 

high quality carton

  • Temporary packaging

During the transfer from EPS to High Quality Carton Packaging,a part of the orders will be fulfilled with a temporary packaging solution.


- This temporary packaging will deliver your orders in their original boxes (with label of manufacturer) with protective packaging around the trade unit.

You can find the temporary solution as follows. Partially, we had to improvise whereby protection of the goods was important.



Please be aware that we use three fulfillment methods at same time, which may differ according to the quantity of products per order. We promise that each fulfillment method has been carefully considered and tested by PostNL, and any of them can provide solid protection for products.

You still have two choices of outer packaging.

To fit your various demand,we offer two types of outer packaging, one is the standard brown box (free of charge), the other is a branded box with Dutch elements, PostNL and Nutricia logo's (€1 extra).

Note: we don't offer a branded box for 7-8 packs. If you still choose branded box for 7-8 packs, you parcel will be packaged with brown box and the extra €1 cannot be refunded . On both boxes no reference to OriginalBabyBrands.com is used. This is what the boxes look like:


Benefits of OriginalBabyBrands.com

Officially endorsed by Nutricia and PostNL

In order to provide a solution for the increasing demand for Nutrilon in China, OriginalBabyBrands.com has created a collaboration with Nutricia and PostNL. The result is a one-stop service that provides hassle free delivery of original Nutricia products to China usually within 6-10 working days(after dispatch from NL warehouse). Read more

One-stop service

We take care of everything for you; from purchasing the products to delivering your parcel in China. You no longer have to make trips to the supermarket or worry about logistics or purchasing. Read more

Carefree ordering and delivery within 6-10 working days

Our goal is to deliver your order at its destination in China within 6-10 working days (after dispatch from NL warehouse). Read more

Only for buyers in the Netherlands

OriginalBabyBrands.com is a dedicated service for everyone living in the Netherlands, who is looking for a reliable webshop to purchase Nutrilon for their personal network in China. We guarantee authentic Nutrilon products and hassle free, rapid delivery to friends and relatives in China. All orders are sent in neutral packaging without any reference to OriginalBabyBrands.com. There won't be any invoice inside the parcel. Read more

Best available expiration date

All Nutrilon products you purchase on OriginalBabyBrands.com are directly sourced from Nutricia. All the products have the best available expiration date at the moment of dispatch from Nutricia's warehouse to our warehouse. Our stock is replenished on a weekly basis. Read more

Proof for authenticity: Authenticity Checker

In order to facilitate you and/or the receiver of your order with a proof for authenticity, together with Nutricia we developed a tool named Authenticity Checker. Here you can look up the exact composition of your order and best before date for each product. Read more

Solid and robust packaging

In order to prevent the products from being damaged in transit, PostNL uses solid and robust EPS packaging. This packaging ensures that the products reach the consumer in perfect state. No reference of OriginalBabyBrands.com is used on the packaging. Read more

Pick & mix

You are free to combine products as requested, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 products per week per receiver (personal ID). * Per week means 7 days from the order date. You can place multiple orders each week, as long as you support multiple people in your network.  Read more

Chinese payment available

We provide you with common Chinese payment methods, e.g. Alipay and UnionPay. So it's more convenient for you to do transactions with your families and friends. Read more


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