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About Us

OriginalBabyBrands.com understands that you want to fulfil the wishes of your families and friends in a reliable, but preferably also quick and efficient, manner. That’s why we developed a unique service - in 2016 initially launched together with Nutricia and PostNL as the founding partners - that enables you to buy your favorite mum & baby related brands more easily and to have it directly delivered to China.

In 2018, we expanded our product assortment and added other popular brands. All products are directly sourced from either the brand manufacturer or their appointed distributors. Our goal is to deliver your order to the receiver in China within 6-10 working days (after dispatch from NL warehouse).

Depending on the products you buy, we will provide you 2 shipping options during the checkout process: PostNL and our own commercial delivery solution "OBB International", whereby we make use of strong cooperations with China Post (EMS) and Yunda International.

Experience the benefits of our service for yourself!

Do you want to know more about all our benefits? Go to Benefits of OriginalBabyBrands.com

About our founding partners

Official Endorsed by Nutricia 

Nutricia was - together with PostNL - the initial founding partner of Original Baby Brands in 2017. All products you purchase from OriginalBabyBrands.com are directly sourced from Nutricia. Together with the end-to-end logistic solution of PostNL this offers you a sustainable and reliable option for the delivery of baby nutrition to China.

OriginalBabyBrands.com is officially endorsed by Nutricia. Nutricia delivers the Nutrilon products directly to OriginalBabyBrands.com. Check Nutricia’s Nutricia’s endorsement of OriginalBabyBrands.com on their website.

About Nutricia

The first 1000 days of a human being’s life are the foundation for a healthy life. In this period, the child goes through the most rapid and important growth of its entire life: its brains, digestive system and immune system develop at incredibly high speed, its height doubles, its weight increases fivefold and its brain grows by no less than one gram a day. Healthy food and proper eating habits are crucial during this period.

In its role as food manufacturer, Nutricia Early Life Nutrition is actively committed to stimulate healthy food and eating habits in those crucial first 1000 days. To achieve this Nutricia invests a lot in scientific research and collaborates intensively with professionals in youth healthcare and other parties that deal with healthy nutrition for children. Nutricia actively provide information about the benefits of breastfeeding and educates parents about healthy food so they can make responsible choices for their children. In this way Nutricia tries to improve the health of future generations, together with parents.

Nutricia always demands the highest standards of its food products and constantly checks its products to ensure they comply with the most recent health requirements.

Official endorsed by PostNL

PostNL was - together with Nutricia - the initial founding partner of Original Baby Brands in 2017. PostNL's compliment end-to-end logistic solutions offer you a sustainable and reliable option for the delivery of baby nutrition to China. OriginalBabyBrands.com is officially supported by PostNL. PostNL ensures that OriginalBabyBrands.com parcels are shipped through their reliable postal distribution network to China. Check PostNL's endorsement of OriginalBabyBrands.com on their website

About PostNL

PostNL is the market leader in the Benelux region for shipping and delivering parcels and post. Besides shipping within the Benelux region, PostNL also collaborates closely with postal companies in the EU and the rest of the world in order to guarantee delivery all over the world.

In China, PostNL has solid agreements with China  Post (EMS). This allows PostNL to keep control over the entire logistics chain and to guarantee efficient and quick delivery to all parts of the country.